Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hearing Aids Can Change How You Hear Your Voice

Often first timei hearing aid wearers are surprise that their voice sounds different to them. This is common.  Typically there are two things that may be happening. 
First, when you hear your voice through hearing aids it does sound different to you.  It is similar to what happens when you speak into a tape recorder and play it back.  When listening to the tape recording, you are hearing your voice the way others always hear your voice.  People who use hearing aids get use to this very quickly.  Just give it some time.
Second, others may feel you are speaking softer then you use to when you wear your hearing aids.  They are likely correct, you may be speaking softer.  When hearing loss sneaks up on you, slowly increasing over time, everything begins to sound softer.  Naturally, people start to talk , sometimes almost shouting, to hear their own voice.  When you use hearing aids, normal volume is restored. You don’t need speak as loud to hear your own voice.  Others will get use to this.  If they don't and find it hard to hear you, gently they have a hearing evaluation.  They may have a mild loss of hearing.
Sometimes the hearing aids may not be adjusted just right and this will make your voice sound odd.  If your voice sounds different to you and you are not getting use to it, talk to your audiologist. The hearing aids may need to be fine tuned.
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