Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Hearing Aid Technology

Up until the mid 90's, we saw advancements in hearing aids about every ten years.  Since then digital hearing aids came to the market and we've seen advances in hearing aid technology about every 18 months.

Digital hearing aids are smart.  They listen to the sounds around you and adjust accordingly.  There are many features working behind the scenes to maximize conversations even when there is background noise.  Features such as directional microphones, noise reduction and noise cancelling.  These features turn on and off automatically, adjusting to your environment.  Yes, automatically, most hearing aids today can be set so that you don’t need to adjust them.  Yet for those times when you may want control of the hearing aids there are instruments that can also be adjusted manually.

In noisy places, hearing aids focus on the person in front of you (the hearing aids assume you are looking at the person you want to hear).  Some hearing aids can be to focus to the side or even behind you.  They are tailored to each individual’s needs. 

Telephone options are also available.  With some hearing aids telephone conversations are heard in both ears at the same time.  Hearing aids can pick up blue tooth signals and send them directly to the ears. This includes cell phones, music players, lap tops, television and other electronic devices with blue tooth capabilities.

Recent research has given us ways to reduce wind noise, reverberation and background noise. 
If you have been told hearing aids won’t help, if you are struggling with your current hearing aids or if have hearings aids over 4-5 years old, contact your audiologist to learn what can be done to imporve your hearing.  95% of people with hearing loss benefit from today’s hearing aids.  Call today.  

Life sounds great!  Enjoy every moment!

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