Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hearing Aids and Quality of Life

Hearing aids improve quality of life in many ways, the most obvious is improved communication.  Improved communication positively affects many daily life activities, work, shopping, social situations and family life, just to name a few.  Good communication is a key to good relationships, and impacts intimacy and warmth in relationships.  It increases confidence in social situations. 

Hearing aids also return a sense of control over life events.  Emotional stability is improved and people report an improved perception of mental function.  Studies also demonstrate those who use hearing aids have greater physical health and higher self-esteem.

Those who use hearing aids also experience a decrease in feelings of anger, frustration, depression, paranoia and anxiety, and of social phobias.

Another plus to using hearing aids is increased earning power.  Some studies show an increase in income of up to $24,000 a year for those who use hearing aids vs those with hearing loss who do not.

If you have a mild, moderate or severe hearing loss and are resisting hearing aids, think about these benefits. Hearing aids hold great potential to positively impact your life.  Schedule a hearing evaluation with an audiologist and discuss the benefits you stand to gain.  Why wait? 

Life sounds great!  Enjoy every moment!

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