Thursday, February 13, 2014

What is an extended wear hearing aid?

It is called Lyric.  It is the first and only extended wear hearing device that is worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for up to 4 months.  Lyric is positioned completely inside the ear canal and it uses the anatomy of the ear to provide natural sound quality.  This device can be worn during daily activities including showering, sleeping, exercising and talking on the phone.  

Lyric is designed for those with mild to moderately severe hearing loss.  An audiologist, who is trained specifically to fit the Lyric product, will assess a patient’s hearing loss, ear size and shape, as well as medical conditions and lifestyle to determine if this is the right product for them.   Approximately 50% of those with hearing loss may be candidates for Lyric.

Lyric is comfortably placed in the ear canal, by the trained audiologist, during a routine office visit.  This instrument is programmed for each patient’s specific hearing needs.  The patient can adjust the volume of the device as needed.  Every three to four months, the device will be replaced and programmed by the audiologist. 

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