Friday, March 21, 2014

First steps to good hearing care

Having a hearing evaluation by an audiologist, is the first step.  Many people go through life simply “living with” hearing loss, never recognizing there are solutions readily available!  Diagnostic hearing testing will identify the nature and degree of your hearing and understanding problems.  Following the complete testing, recommendations for treatment will be made.

Ear Wax Illustration
The second step, treatment, may be as simple as the removal of excess earwax.  If necessary, a referral for medical treatment will be made.  Sensorineural hearing loss will cause speech to be difficult to understand, even if the volume of sound appears to be adequate. Recommendations may include hearing aids, listening therapy, and use of assistive listening devices and the support of counseling. 

Hearing aids provide the amplification of sound.  Digital technology allows the flexibility to cater to our individual lifestyles and needs.  Miniature behind the ear instruments (receiver in the canal aids) are now available and are practically invisible.  Several options include directional microphones, multiple programs and automatic programming, volume control and telephone switches.  We are now able to offer extended wear (Lyric) hearing instruments, also.

Assistive listening devices can make the activities of daily living more accessible.  Amplified telephones, vibrating alarm clocks, alerting doorbells and wireless TV amplifiers provide additional sound awareness.

The psychological impact of hearing loss should not be overlooked.  Often denial of the hearing loss leads to frustration, exhaustion, isolation and even depression.  The importance of seeking help for hearing loss cannot be emphasized enough!  

Life sounds great!  Enjoy every moment!

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