Thursday, April 17, 2014

Does hearing loss affect more than your ability to hear?

Yes, hearing can affect more than your ability to communicate with family, friends, shop clerks, physicians, servers and so many more people.  It impacts cognitive, social, emotional and physical aspects of daily life.  

Sharing in conversation, discussing new topics even having a healthy disagreement on a topic stimulates thought.  This in return stimulates the brain.  Just like working crossword puzzles is healthy for your brain, so is having a lively conversation sharing thoughts and ideas.  

Untreated hearing loss causes withdrawal and isolation from social situations. It limits your desire to dine out, visit with friends, and engage in family gatherings, negatively impacting relationships.  The loss of social interactions and intimacy in relationships limits daily life.  Sadness, depression even anger and frustration can result.  

Physically health is affected in two ways.  Untreated hearing loss can be tiring causing fatigue, increased stress and sometimes headaches. Those who use hearing aids are more physically active aiding overall health. 

Treating hearing loss increases independence in daily life activities.  Hearing aid use reduces anger and frustration in relationships, depression, anxiety and self criticism.  It also improves earning power, physical health, social participation, intimacy and warmth in relationships and emotional stability.  

Hearing well impacts every aspect of daily life.  It is important to treat hearing loss as soon as possible.  

Life sounds great!  Enjoy every moment!

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