Thursday, May 14, 2015

Will my son with hearing loss have a normal life?

Every year thousands of children are diagnosed with hearing loss setting families on an unknown journey.  And every day these children go on to live happy and productive lives.  Let me reassure you, your son can and will experience the fun of childhood and enjoy growing up.  He will go to school, learn, make friends, skin his knees, learn to ride a bike and have his share of fights on the playground.  He will grow and reach his potential.  Early identification and intervention, technology and the professionals you work with, will help you and your family through this time. 

There is much that can be done to help children with hearing difficulties including your son.  The key is getting started.  You will want to maximize his hearing ability through the use of hearing instruments.  Your audiologist will help you find the best devices for him.  He/she will work with you in understanding the instruments, and how use and maintain them. 

Working with a speech pathologist is also key.  It is important for your son to develop strong speech and language skills. He will need support through school and may have an IEP (Individual Education Plan) to outline the necessary support.  This will give him the best chance to succeed in school.
If your son has a severe to profound loss of hearing you may decide to send him to one of the local schools that specialize in teaching children with hearing problems. Working with professionals trained in hearing can be very helpful.  Plus, being with other children who have hearing loss will help him to feel “just like one of the kids”.

All of this will give him the best opportunity to achieve success.  Treatment for pediatric hearing loss is an important tool in helping your son enjoy an active life.  Ongoing care, and regular visits to the audiologist will ensure that his hearing ability is always at its best.  It’s a process and you will be his most important advocate.  Life Sounds Great!  He too will enjoy every moment.

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