Thursday, July 21, 2016

How do you determine who is a good candidate for the extended wear hearing aids?

We look at three factors to determine whether or not you are a candidate for Lyric, the extended wear hearing aid.  

First, we assess your hearing to see if it falls in the fitting range.  For this assessment, we look in your ears, check your eardrums, and evaluate your hearing ability. The evaluation is done in the office and typically is covered by most health insurance plans.

Second, we will go over a questionnaire that looks at health issues and your lifestyle.  We want to ensure that there are no contraindications for using Lyric.  For example, while you can shower with Lyric, you cannot submerge your ears under water.  If you do water exercises and do not put your head under water, then Lyric is an option for you.

Third, we need to make sure Lyric will fit in your ear canal.  The length of the ear canal is measured to determine if it is long enough.  If it long enough to accommodate the device we will assess whether one of the 5 different diameters will fit.  The 5 sizes fit 80% of people.
If you are interested in a 30 day trial call 440-205-8848 to schedule an appointment.  

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