Thursday, September 8, 2016

Are My Hearing Aids Compatible with My Cell phone?

Individuals wearing hearing instruments can struggle occasionally with hearing on their cellular phones.  Firstly, if you are purchasing a new mobile phone, you may want to investigate the phone model of interest for its Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) rating.  Most of the newer cellular phones are HAC. The Federal Communication Commission (FCC)  defines hearing aid compatibility based on two  parameters, the radio frequency (RF) and telecoil (T-coil) coupling (T). Hearing aid compliant mobile phones are marked and ranked with an “M” or “T” rating.  The “M” rating refers to the microphone modes or RF emissions and the “T” rating refers to the T-coil mode.  The minimal standard required by the FCC for a cellular phone to be considered hearing aid compatible is M3 and T3. If you are considering a mobile phone with a T rating, you will want to confirm with your audiologist that your hearing instruments have a T-coil.  Once you have confirmed the availability of a T-coil, you will also want to ensure that it is activated in your hearing instruments.  The activation of the T-coil in your hearing instruments will aid the “T” rated cellular phone’s ability to couple with your hearing instruments.  The higher the “T” rating, the more likely you will have a stronger T-coil connection with between the mobile phone and your hearing instruments.  The T-coil connection allows for increased volume in the hearing instruments while on your cellular phone without having to worry about “whistling” or feedback.  If you are curious about your T-coil instrument compatibility with your cellular phone, contact your audiologist today.  To make an appointment call 440-205-8848. 

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