Thursday, March 16, 2017

I heard that the ringing in my ear can be fixed with surgery. Is that true?

Excellent question.  Ringing in the ears, ear noise, head noise or tinnitus is not all that uncommon.  It is estimated that about 15% of the US population has tinnitus to some degree.  That translates to roughly 20 million Americans.  Tinnitus cannot be cured by surgery.  In some cases where tinnitus is a secondary effect to a conductive loss, such otosclerosis (fusion of middle ear bone) or fluid behind the eardrum, then yes, potentially surgery could help alleviate the tinnitus.  Only because it can fix components of the hearing loss.  In the case of otosclerosis, the surgeons replace pieces of bones in the middle ear.  In the case of fluid behind the eardrum, the surgeons will place a pressure equalizing tube through the eardrum to remove the fluid.  In both of these cases, the surgeon is “curing” the hearing loss and by extension then helping with the tinnitus likely caused by the hearing loss.  However, surgery for tinnitus does not exist.  There have been cases where surgeons have actually cut the auditory nerve rendering the patient completely deaf and still the patient could hear their tinnitus.  Although there is no cure for tinnitus at this time, there are treatment plans or management options available. At Advanced Audiology Concepts, we offer the Progressive Tinnitus Management approach to our patients.  If you experience bothersome tinnitus and you are curious about Progressive Tinnitus Management, call and make an appointment at 440-205-8848.  

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