Friday, May 12, 2017

What can I do for the ringing in my ears?

Ringing in the ears is called tinnitus.  Sometimes people hear more of a buzzing or humming sound, regardless of the quality of the sound, it is all called tinnitus.  There are many causes, sometimes it’s as simple as ear wax on the eardrum. If this is the case, the tinnitus will stop when the wax is removed.  But for millions of people this is not the case.  Most often tinnitus is caused by decreased function in the hearing nerves called haircells.  When these haircells malfunction, they cause decreased hearing ability and at times, they tell the brain there is sound when there is no sound.  When this happens, there is no medicine or surgical procedure that can cure it. 
For most people treatment becomes a matter of minimizing the impact of the tinnitus and managing your reactions to it.  Typically, when someone has hearing loss with their tinnitus hearing aids are recommended.  When sound is amplified, it can minimize tinnitus.  One of the newest approaches for managing reactions to tinnitus is Sound Therapy.  The goal with Sound Therapy is to shift your awareness and focus away from the tinnitus to other things.  Sound Therapy can provide relief from the tinnitus and reduce stress related to the ringing.
At Advanced Audiology Concepts we use a Progressive Tinnitus Management strategy which begins with a hearing assessment and tinnitus evaluation.  From there we assess the degree of the problem caused by tinnitus and design and implement a personal management plan which may include Sound Therapy.  Call today to schedule your appointment.  

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