Friday, December 2, 2011

Alone with hearing loss and hearing aids

If you have difficulty hearing and feel along, listen to this.  Millions of people are experiencing hearing problems.  In the US alone, there are 97 Million people over the age of 50.  Every day 10,000 people turn 65.  You are not alone.  Even more important, there is help for you.
Left untreated hearing loss results in reduced word understanding, isolation, social phobias and depression.  Hearing aids can improve the quality of your life.  Get started now.   Have an audiologist check your hearing and discuss your options.  If hearing aids and listening therapy are recommended, try them.  Hearing aids and listening therapy have a positive impact on life.  Hearing aids improve many aspects of life including communication, self confidence, and reduce stress and listening effort.  Your audiologist will help you find the best hearing aids for you. 
Our generation can expect to live longer than our parents and grandparents.  With hearing aids we can live a full and active life.  Life Sounds Great!  Enjoy Every Moment!
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