Monday, December 12, 2011

Purchasing Hearing Aids

Such a conundrum??  What should I know, who do I trust, why so expensive??

Buying hearing aids can be a very daunting process.  First, do you really need them?  A complete hearing evaluation, performed by an audiologist, will answer this question.  A hearing test will let you know the degree and type of hearing loss.  Then, the audiologist, a professional you should trust, will walk you through the process of selecting hearing aids.

Costs vary depending upon the style and level of technology the hearing aids offer.  They are an investment! Hearing aids are very complicated, digital processors.  It is necessary to program them to the degree of your hearing loss.  Getting adjusted to amplification is also a learning process, requiring fine tuning of the hearing aids.  You can expect to visit the audiologist several times during the first six weeks you have your new hearing aids.

Purchasing hearing aids should be a positive experience with a successful outcome!  Life Sounds Great!
Enjoy Every Moment!

Paula Webster, M.A.
Jane Kukula, AuD
Advanced Audiology Concepts, Inc.
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