Friday, February 10, 2012

One or two?

If you are considering being fit with hearing aids, the next question is:
                                     Do I really need two instruments?
This is a very common question.  If you have a hearing loss in both ears, it is recommended that you be fit with a hearing aid in both ears.  The advantages of this include:

  • better understanding of speech in both quiet and noisy settings
  • better sound and tonal quality
  • improved ability to localize sound
  • a wider range of hearing
Like a stereo system, two hearing aids allow the smoothest, sharpest, most natural sound quality.  This greater range provides a better sense of balance, making listening more enjoyable and relaxing. The goal is a pleasant listening experience, better understanding in small and large group settings, with improved localization and less strain.

With these facts in mind, what is the answer to the question:  Do I really need to use two hearing aids?

Life Sounds Great! Enjoy Every Moment!

Jane M. Kukula, AuD
Paula G. Webster, MA
Advanced Audiology Concepts, Inc.
8897 Mentor Avenue
Mentor, OH  44060

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