Monday, February 27, 2012

Where to go to purchase hearing aids?

Recently, there seems to be a great deal of advertising, both in the paper and mailers, about hearing aids.  If you are ready for them, where do you go?  Jane and I can see how this can be sooo confusing.  We'll try to make some sense of this puzzle for you.

Audiologists, ENT physicians and hearing aid dealers all dispense hearing aids.
  • Audiologists are uniquely trained to assess and treat the non-medical aspects of hearing loss, recommend and dispense hearing aids
  • Ears, nose and throat physicians (ENT's) deal with medical disorders of the head and neck, which include the ears, hearing and balance.  It is important that you see an ENT specialist if you have a history of ear disease or ear problems
  • Hearing aid dealers must have a high school education and pass a test on hearing aids prior to becoming licensed
As you can see, there is a large difference in the training and scope of practice of an audiologist, physician and hearing aid dealer.  It is highly recommended that you see an Audiologist.  Choose someone who is readily available, as it is important to have your questions and needs answered quickly and efficiently.

A complete Hearing Evaluation is the first step in the process of considering the purchase of hearing aids. Why wait?  Life Sounds Great!  Enjoy Every moment!

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