Thursday, June 28, 2012

Alone with hearing loss

Often we hear people with hearing loss say they feel alone.  This happens when one feels cut off from the group or left out with untreated hearing loss.  People with hearing loss are not alone.  Hearing loss remains one of the most common unaddressed health conditions in the United States. Unfortunately, the majority of those experiencing the negative effects of unaddressed hearing loss are men.
Hearing health is an important part of daily life. It not only affects quality of life but also well being.  Talk to your loved one about it.  There are many side effects of hearing loss that are rarely considered.  The obvious ones are the loss of communication and the enjoyment of sounds such as listening to birds and music.  The not so obvious ones include a negative impact on relationships and social life. 
Another consideration is that on the average those with untreated hearing loss earn $24,000 less a year then those who use hearing aids.
Fortunately, wearing hearing instruments mitigates the impact on income by about 50 percent. And there are simple things that men can do to protect their hearing before it becomes a problem. Listening to music at no more than 50 percent maximum volume, and wear earplugs while at rock concerts, using power tools, shooting and during any exposure to loud sounds.
We live in a busy world today.  Encourage the men in your life to take to care of themselves.  Call today for a hearing evaluation.

Life Sounds Great! Enjoy every moment!
Jane Kukula, AuD
Paula Webster, MA
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  1. As the poet Thomas Carlyle said: “Silence is golden”. Well, hearing noise is really part of our life, but, you shouldn’t expose yourself to extremely loud noises because it can affect your hearing. You have to consider the practices mentioned above, as hearing is a very vital sensory ability that you want to keep. If possible, even if it hurts not being able to rock with the music, minimize the volume when listening to music, or drop the headset altogether and give your ears a break.

    Darren Mcandrews

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