Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sensorineural Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids

It’s a common myth that people with sensorineural hearing loss cannot be helped.  The truth is that 95% of people with hearing loss can be helped, including those with sensorineural loss. It use to be that people with hearing loss in one ear, high frequency loss or nerve damage were told there was no treatment.   Today we live in age booming with technology.  Many who could not be helped in the past can now be helped. 

When one has sensorineural loss, the nerves in the inner ear are damaged.  While there are no treatments to restore the damaged nerves there is hearing help.  Mostly the help comes in the form of hearing aids and in the case of severe hearing loss, cochlear implants.  Lifestyle, the demands on hearing and the amount of hearing loss one has, helps us to determine the best hearing aids for you.

If been told nothing can help, I recommend that you seek a second opinion.  See an audiologist.  Audiologists are uniquely trained to diagnose and treat hearing loss.  After the hearing evaluation you learn of all your options.  There are likely several devices that will improve many of the difficult listening situations you experience.  

Life sounds great!  Enjoy every moment!

Jane Kukula, AuD
Paula Webster, MA

Advanced Audiology Concepts
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  2. “Life sounds great! Enjoy every moment!”<~ Yes, it is! Thanks to the booming technology; those who are suffering from sensorineural hearing loss can undergo Cochlear implants. It can be surgically implanted for those who are already in a severe stage; they work by stimulating the auditory nerves directly. It’s available for both adults and children.

    Rebecca Kavel

  3. I found this tonight after I was cheeky to my grandmother who is suffering a gradual SNHL. I lost my hearing in my right ear over night with the mumps at the age of 12. I cheekily tried her new hearing aid out today and I actually HEARD!!! Thanks to your blog and my innocent testing of the aid today, I am now looking at restarting my search for help. Thank you

  4. Spotted Wombat, it is great to hear you will give hearing instruments a go! You will not regret it. Just be sure to see an audiologist.
    Wishing you the best! Jane

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