Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why are some hearing tests free and others are not?

My dad always told me there was nothing free in life.  I agree with him when it comes to hearing tests.  I don’t believe there are “free” hearing tests.  Those who offer free hearing tests often bundle the cost of the test into the price of the hearing aids.  It is hard to see the added cost since it is difficult to price compare hearing aids. 

Typically and audiologist will charge for the assessment.  An audiologic assessment is more than just a hearing test.  Audiologic assessment gives in depth information about your ears and hearing.  It is the most important part of your evaluation.  It is the cornerstone form which all of the decisions and recommendations are made.  The assessment needs to be accurate and thorough.  It is performed in a sound booth using calibrated equipment.  The assessment is the first step to good hearing care and properly adjusting hearing aids.  It is so important that Medicare and other insurances pay for the assessment even when they do not pay for hearing aids. 

Audiologists are recognized by the government and insurance companies as providers for audiologic assessment.  If you seek assistance from an audiologist, then the audiologist can bill insurance for the audiologic evaluation.  Besides receiving good hearing care, billing insurance for the evaluation, keeps your costs down. 

Hearing aid dealers or hearing aid "specialists" can perform a hearing test but not an audiologic assessment.   Hearing aid dealers are trained to perform simple measures of hearing.  In most states, hearing aid dealers are not recognized as providers for audiologic assessment and cannot bill medical insurance to be reimbursed for the evaluation.

Give yourself good care.  Have a thorough audiologic assessment with an audiologist.  From there your audiologist will determine if you need to see a physician, wear hearing aids or if other options are appropriate.  

Life sounds great!  Enjoy every moment!

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  1. I agree. My friend went to get a hearing test at the same time that my father did. My friend did not get a free hearing test in Ottawa, while my father did. In the end, my father paid more for his hearing aids than my friend did. Thanks for spreading the word!