Thursday, September 6, 2012

Signs and Symptoms of Hearing Loss

We are often asked what are the signs of hearing loss.  Here are just a few. 
·         Mumbling of words
·         Difficulty hearing in noise or in a crowd of people
·         Frequently asking others to speak more slowly, clearly and/or loudly
·         Withdrawal from conversations
·         Ringing in the ears
·         Hearing better when people face you when they talk to you
·         Avoiding some social settings
·         Dizziness
·         Muffled hearing
·         Family members reporting that you miss hearing things and encouraging you to have a hearing evaluation
·         Occupational or recreational exposure to loud sounds
When even one or two of these signs and symptoms are present see an audiologist.  Have a comprehensive
hearing evaluation.  That will determine the next steps for you.  See example, if a medical condition is
resent you will be referred to a physician.  If there is no medical condition, hearing aids may be
recommended.  If you have a history or noise exposure, hearing protection may be discussed. 

Click here to learn more about hearing loss.
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