Friday, October 26, 2012

Television amplifiers

I recently had a patient looking for something to help with just the television.  I recommended a television amplifier.  With a television amplifier you can adjust the volume for television based on your needs without increasing the volume for the entire family. Television amplifiers not only allow the user to increase the volume without disturbing others, they also separate the voice track from the background sounds and music.  This way the words come through stronger then background noise.

There are several models available some work with hearing aids and others work without hearing instruments.  The ones that work with hearing aids work with the telephone feature on some hearing aids.  With the telephone feature the television signals go through the hearing aids at the prescribed settings.

The amplifiers that work without hearing aids use a headset.  The volume I usually adjusted through the headset.   These are especially great for people who have some hearing loss and do not use hearing aids.  With a television amplifier, the family can set the volume on the TV to a comfortable level.

They are easy to set up.  The transmitter is plugged into the audio out on the TV and into a wall socket.  Typically the transmitter is also used to store the headset and recharge batteries.  Stop in for a free demonstration and see for yourself. 

Life sounds great!  Enjoy every moment!

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