Thursday, January 24, 2013

Helpful hints for talking to a person with hearing loss

There are ways you can do help your loved one hear better just by changing a few things in how you talk to them. 
With hearing loss, hearing doesn’t just happen.  First, get their attention.  Use their name then state information or ask a question.  Using their name alerts them to the fact that you are about to say something.  For example, saying “Honey what’s for dinner?”  vs “What’s for dinner honey?”, notifies the person that you are talking to them.  This gives them a moment to focus and tune in to what you are about to say or ask. 

Second, don’t try to have a conversation from another room. Look at them when you talk to them.  When they can see your face, they pick up information from lip reading, gestures and facial expressions.  All of these can help them hear and understand better.

Third, speak slowly and distinctly.  Think about the letters in the words as you say each one.  This will help you to say each letter clearly and slow down the rate at which you talk.  When you speak quickly the words run together making it hard for someone with hearing loss to make out what is said.

Forth, consider the room or environment that you are in.  Rooms that echo, and have high ceilings and hard floors are difficult to hear in.  It is easier to hear in rooms with many fabrics such as carpeting and drapery. 

Fifth, the level of background noise in the room can have a major impact on hearing.  Turn off the TV when you have a conversation. 

Finally, only one person speaks at a time.  Someone with hearing loss cannot focus in on two speakers at the same time.
Life sounds great!  Enjoy every moment!

Jane Kukula, AuD
Paula Webster, MA

Advanced Audiology Concepts
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