Thursday, January 3, 2013

Untreated Hearing Loss

Unfortunately, hearing loss remains one of the most commonly unaddressed health conditions in the United States today.  The Better Hearing Institute reported more than 38 million American’s have hearing loss. Women tend to address hearing loss and use hearing aids more readily then men. The majority of those experiencing the negative effects of nont using hearing aids are men.

Rarely do people consider the affects of untreated hearing loss.  The obvious affects are the loss of communication and the enjoyment of sounds such as bird song and music.  The not so obvious ones include a negative impact on relationships, communication and social life.  Research has shown that those with untreated hearing loss on the average, earn $24,000 less a year then those who use hearing aids.  Studies show that those with hearing loss appear to be not as "sharp" or "Johnny on the Spot" at work due to the extra time it takes for communication.

As the work force in the US continues to work later into life, the number of workers over the age of 70 is increasing.  Along with this, the number of workers with hearing loss is also increasing.  Read more here.  The need to use hearing aids becomes even more important.

The Better Hearing Institute reported that hearing health is an important part life. Not only does it affect quality of life but also well being.  Fortunately, wearing hearing aids mitigates the impact on income by about 50 percent, improves quality of life and over all wellbeing.

We live in a busy world today.  Encourage your loved ones to take time to take care of themselves.  Call today for a hearing evaluation and get started.  Hearing aids work great and are discreet!

Life sounds great!  Enjoy every moment!

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  1. Hearing loss can be linked to a lot of accidents. While that may be a serious issue, I still think that the most devastating effect of hearing loss is isolation from social contact. There are many who suffer from this because they feel inferior to their peers who can hear normally. Hearing loss can drastically change an individual’s life, so we should act upon it when we still have a chance.

    Serena Outland

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