Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hearing loss and denial

We often see people with hearing loss resist seeking help.  There are many reasons why they resist assistance.  Denial is one way of resisting.  Understanding where it comes from can help you work with her.
It can be easy to deny there is a problem and blame others for the difficulty.  Hearing loss makes voices sound soft and mumbled.   It is appears that the speaker is not speaking up or clearly.  When she watches TV, the volume does not sound loud to her and leading her to think others like volume very soft.
She may not realize all that she misses.  Hearing loss is often gradual.  It decreases slowly over time.  So slowly, people can be unaware that hearing is changing.  Some sounds such as bird songs, fade away without being noticed and aren’t missed when they fade away altogether.
Not knowing or understanding about hearing and hearing aids or where to go and who to see, can create fear.  To complicate it, many have heard stories of people who were unsuccessful with hearing aids.  This can create concern about the financial investment.  Today’s hearing aids are better than ever. We can help her find cost effective hearing aids if they are indicated.
Help her to focus on what she is missing and how hearing loss is changing her life in a negative ways.   Those with untreated hearing loss will isolate themselves and withdraw from social situations.  Share with her how you feel when she is not able to participate in family activities.  Stop in and pick up some information about hearing aids to share with her.  Help her to understand hearing aid technology has improved over the last few years and can be very helpful and inconspicuous. 
Now is a great time to get started.  Schedule her for a hearing evaluation.  An audiologist can help her understand what is happening with her hearing and alleviate some of her fears.  Call one now.
Life sounds great!  Enjoy every moment!

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