Thursday, August 1, 2013

Resistance to seeking hearing help

We often see people with hearing loss resist seeking help.  There are many reasons why they it put off. 

It easy to deny there is a problem and blame others for the difficulty.  Hearing loss causes voices to sound soft and muffled.  It does not appear as if it is their hearing, just that others do not speak up or talk clearly.  When they watch TV, the volume does not sound loud to them, leading them to believe others like it very soft.

Hearing loss is often gradual.  It decreases slowly over time.  So slowly, that people can be unaware that hearing is changing.  Some sounds, such as birds or voices from another room and more, fade away without being missed. 

Not knowing or understanding about hearing and hearing aids, or where to go and who to see, can create fear.  To complicate it, many have heard stories of people who were unsuccessful with hearing aids.  This can create concern about making a good financial investment.  We recommend an audiologist.  Audiologists have many years of study in the area of the ears, hearing and hearing aids.  If hearing aids are recommended, they can help find cost effective ones.  

Help them to focus on what they are missing and how hearing loss is changing thier life in negative ways.  Often those with untreated hearing loss isolate themselves and withdraw from social situations including family gatherings.  They miss out on grandchildren and their stories.  It can impact relationships and her quality of life.  Stop in your local audiologist's office pick up some literature.  Knowledge about what to expect can help dispel some of the fear and anxiety.  Encourage them just as you would with any health issue. 

The longer they put it off, the more likely they will have a reduced ability to understand words.   Call and schedule a hearing evaluation.  

Life sounds great!  Enjoy every moment!

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