Thursday, August 8, 2013

Do I need two hearing aids?

This s a very common question.    If you have a hearing loss in both ears ear, it is highly recommended that you be fit with a hearing aid in both ears.  Research has shown that individuals who have been fit with two hearing aids are generally more satisfied than those who were fit with one instrument.  When given the choice, overwhelmingly, consumers choose two hearing aids.

Some of the advantages of hearing in both ears include:  better understanding of speech in both quiet and noisy situations, better overall sound and tonal quality, improved localization of sound and a wider range of hearing.  By wearing two hearing aids, it is easier to focus on the conversation and your ability to understand speech is improved.  Localizing the source of sound is vitally important.  For example, it allows you to identify the direction from which speech or noise (like a car or siren) is coming.

When listening to a stereo system, both speakers allow the smoothest, sharpest, most natural sound quality.  The same thing will be true with hearing aids.  With two hearing instruments, the range of hearing increases from 180 to 360 degrees.  This greater range of hearing provides a better sense of balance and sound quality, making listening more enjoyable and relaxing.  As an added advantage, many hearing aid wearers report not hearing the “ringing” tinnitus that plagues them.  If you have a hearing aid in only one ear there will still be ringing in the unaided ear. 

Using two hearing aids will allow you to enjoy better hearing in small and large group settings, with improved localization and less strain, for a more pleasant listening experience.  

Life sounds great!  Enjoy every moment!

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