Thursday, September 12, 2013

Do hearing aids help with a mild hearing loss?

When hearing loss is present, even at a mild level, use of hearing aids will be helpful.

A hearing loss between 16 and 25 dB is considered a borderline normal level or a minimal hearing loss.  In children, a hearing loss at this level will significantly impact the ability to learn language and succeed academically.  For adults, with a hearing loss at this level, people may “mumble” or speak softly.  Communication in group settings, in the presence of even a slight amount of noise, will become very challenging.  Participation in social events, church functions and family gatherings may be frustrating and even embarrassing, when hearing loss results in miscommunication. 

Quite often, even a minimal hearing loss can result in anger and frustration, anxiety, depression and isolation.  Success depends upon what your husband’s expectations are from treatment with hearing aids. They have been shown to improve communication in all situations.  Certainly hearing aids will help to improve communication with the family, in church, stores and on the telephone.  The volume on the television set will be lowered, reducing a great deal of tension around the house.  Participation in group meetings will become much more satisfying.  He may even begin to realize that communication is no longer exhausting.  With the help of hearing instruments, your husband may recognize just what he has been missing. 

Treatment of hearing loss, even though he feels it isn’t “bad” enough, has the potential to positively change your life,  and that of those around you.  Start with a baseline hearing evaluation.  

Life sounds great!  Enjoy every moment!

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