Thursday, September 19, 2013

What to expect when investing in hearing aids

Start with an audiologic assessment performed by an audiologist.  An audiologist is uniquely trained in the diagnosis and management of hearing loss and has extensive training in hearing aids.  An audiologist will have either a doctoral or master’s degree in anatomy of the ear, diseases of the ear, hearing, hearing assessment, hearing aids and clinical training.  This begins with an inspection of the ear canals and eardrums.  It is followed by an assessment of the eardrums, hearing and hearing nerves. These checks are covered by Medicare and most insurance plans. 

The results of the evaluation will indicate whether you need hearing aids or if you need medical evaluation.  90% of the time hearing loss is not related to a medical condition and is permanent leading to the recommendation of hearing aids.  You can expect to be part of the decision making process and have all of your questions answered. 

If hearing aids are recommended, you and the audiologist will determine the best instruments for you.  Today’s hearing aids do a great job improving hearing and communication, and are small and discreet. Once ordered, hearing aids take a few days to week to arrive depending on whether or not a custom fit product is ordered.  We will make an impression of your ear if a custom product is needed.

The hearing aid fitting and training appointment can take up to an hour.  At that time, the hearing aids are programmed to your hearing, and the use and care are reviewed.  You will be able to practice putting them in your ears.  The first of several follow up appointments will be scheduled before you leave.

 If you are having difficulty hearing contact an audiologist and schedule a hearing evaluation.

Life sounds great!  Enjoy every moment!

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