Thursday, December 5, 2013

Adjusting to hearing aids

To start with, I want to congratulate you on obtaining your first pair of hearing aids!  It’s a big step.  While you will find them to be of great assistance, things will sound different with hearing aids, including how you hear your own voice.  Because of this, first time wearers typically go through an adjustment period.

The more you wear your hearing aids, the quicker you will adjust to them.  Wear your hearing aids even if you send time alone during the day. Hearing birds, creaks in the floor, the telephone and other sounds, will help train your brain to listen again.  Over time hearing the sounds around the house becomes normal.  The more you wear them the quicker this will happen.  If you find sounds to be overwhelming, remove the hearing aids for an hour or two.

Add to what you hear by looking.  Everyone does some lip reading.  The brain puts together what you hear and what you see to make more sense of the information. 

Also, the way people speak can make a difference in how well you hear.  Here are some tips for family members and friends.
  • Get your loved one’s attention prior to speaking.  This allows them to focus and concentrate on what is about to be said.
  • Speak slowly and distinctly.
  • Rephrase information when it is not heard correctly.
  • Reduce background noise whenever possible, for example, mute the TV when talking.

Keep in mind that hearing aids can make a big difference in communication but they do not restore normal hearing.  This means that you will at times, miss words.  When this happens it’s important to keep your sense of humor.  Know that when your loved ones laugh about something you misheard, they are not laughing at you, just at a humorous misunderstanding.  Laugh with them. 

If you are having trouble adjusting to your aids after a few weeks, talk to your audiologist.  The hearing aid settings may need to be adjusted.  

Life sounds great!  Enjoy every moment!

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