Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hearing loss and diabetes

Recent studies show that there is higher incidence of hearing loss among people with diabetes then in the general population.  This suggests there is a tie between the two diseases.  The specific relation is still unknown.  They believe diabetes may damage the hearing nerves and blood vessels in the inner ear.

A National Institutes of Health study, revealed hearing loss to be twice as common in adults with diabetes.  Adults with elevated blood sugar but not high enough to be diabetes, have a 30 percent greater chance of developing hearing loss. 

Diabetes poses a multitude of health risks to the over 300 million people worldwide. Despite these findings, hearing screenings typically are not part of the recommended regimen of care for people with diabetes. Most people do not understand the threat the disease also poses to hearing health. 

When diagnosed with diabetes, have a baseline hearing evaluation. This allows us to track changes in hearing. Most insurance plans including Medicare cover the evaluation. 

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