Thursday, May 1, 2014

How do you know which hearing aid is best for you?

Hearing aids are investment. Most people do not know where to begin.  Who do you go to? What hearing aid is best? Will I have the support that I need?

Who you go to is probably the most important decision.  To maximize your investment in your hearing, I recommend you see an audiologist.  Audiologists are uniquely trained to assess hearing and treat hearing loss.  You will receive a thorough audiological evaluation.  From this assessment we will know if you need medical care, hearing instruments or both.  This information, plus your lifestyle, personal preferences, and budget, will determine what is best for you.

Your audiologist will support you and the hearing aids.  First, there will be some fine-tuning visits to help maximize your hearing.  We will also discuss your hearing challenges and ways to approach them.  Though the audiologist will show you how to care for your hearing aids, you will want to have them clean and check the instruments periodically.

Having an annual hearing evaluation will also help maximize your investment.  If your hearing changes, the hearing aids can be reprogrammed to your current hearing abilities. Get started by scheduling an appointment.  

Life sounds great!  Enjoy every moment!

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