Thursday, February 26, 2015


Take a few minutes to really stop, quiet your mind and “perk up” your ears.  What do you hear?

The “hum” of the furnace, song of the birds, melting of the snow, drip of the coffee maker, rattle of the newspaper, sound of your grandson’s voice as he talks on the phone, tumbling of the clothes in the dryer….  These are just a few of the sounds that contribute to our everyday lives.

Now think about those sounds that make you smile.  Laughter, music, conversation with family and friends, sharing a story, enjoying TV and movies may all bring a smile to your face.  Difficulty with hearing has a negative impact on all of these and more.

What situations do you find the most challenging?  Having a conversation in a noisy restaurant, hearing the minister at church, understanding your children, talking on the telephone, collaborating with colleagues, attending a large meeting or convention can all be quite frustrating with hearing difficulties.  When hearing is compromised, often we “hear” but are not able to “understand”.  This may result in a great deal of anxiety, misunderstanding, anger, hurt feelings, aggravation and even self-ridicule. 

Following a course toward positive solutions can be life changing.  A comprehensive hearing evaluation is the first step.  Together with your audiologist, appropriate choices will be made to obtain the proper solution for you.  Today’s technology provides excellent options for addressing these issues.  The goal is to gain an increase in speech understanding, while perceiving a more natural sound quality, in a variety of situations.
Listening and Hearing, with the assistance of this incredible instrumentation, will help you to understand and experience all of what life has to offer. 

Life sounds great!  Enjoy every moment!

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