Thursday, February 5, 2015

Why do people resist having a hearing check?

We are often asked this question. The answer is complex.  People resist seeking help for different reasons.  Hearing difficulties are much more then not hearing or mishearing.  It affects one’s inner being, impacting self esteem, self worth and how one perceives oneself.  Admitting to hearing loss is admitting that there is something wrong or imperfect about oneself.

Hearing loss is typically gradual, sneaking up on people.  People rarely have total deafness.  With partial hearing loss people hear some things well, mishear others and completely not hear something else.  This makes it hard to for one to realize they have a problem. 

It’s more than just a hearing issue.  Taking responsibility for one’s hearing and communication involves a willingness to admit to having trouble.  Men tend to see decreased hearing ability as weakness.  Women see it as a cosmetic issue.

Seeking help means your dad will have to change his behavior.  Change is hard; it’s has been safe relying on those who love and care for him to repeat, interpret, take responsibility for phone calls and provide him needed information.
Talk with your dad about what he stands to gain.  Communication is also important to relationships.  Lack of good communication causes relationships to deteriorate, negatively impacting the ones we love, family, friends, even coworkers. These relationships are good reasons to seek help.  With hearing technology, your dad can find more enjoyment in family, connect with co-workers, engage in social situations, and find pleasure in music and the outdoors again.

Life sounds great!  Enjoy every moment!

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