Thursday, March 26, 2015

Can hearing loss be common based on someone's age?

There are many common myths regarding what will and will not help hearing loss.  In the past, many people with hearing loss in one ear, with a high frequency hearing loss, or with “nerve“ damage,  may have been told there is no help for their hearing.  This may have been the case many years ago, but with all of the modern advances in technology, nearly 95% of those with sensorineural hearing loss, can be helped with hearing aids.

As far as his hearing loss being “common for his age”, hearing loss of any degree is going to have an impact on his life, no matter what his age.  I do realize that well-meaning professionals tell this to their patients every day.  It is the impact of that hearing loss that needs to be addressed.  Several things to look for are:

  • Change in emotional and social behavior
  • Isolation and withdrawal from family or social activities
  • Frustration with communication situations

These behaviors can often be addressed by treating the hearing loss with the fitting of hearing aids.

While we are speaking of age, it is often felt that hearing aids make us look older.  Appearing older is clearly more affected by many other factors other than the hearing aids.  I have often felt that a hearing loss is much more obvious than the hearing instruments.
Hearing aids have an impressive list of potential benefits. Seek a second opinion if you were told there was no help. 

Life sounds great!  Enjoy every moment!

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