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What effects the life span of Lyric, the extended wear hearing aid?

Lyric Hearing Aid - Certified Provider      Lyric, the only extended wear hearing device, is worn 24 hours and day, 7 days a week.  Its unique design is the key to being able to leave it in the canal for 2-3 months at a time.

      Lyric is made of a bio-compatible material, similar to wound packing material used by surgeons.  It is designed with two soft foam seals that conform to the curves of the ear canal.  The battery is encased inside the device.  The device is coated with a special technology developed to protect it from moisture and earwax.   The Lyric design team, consisting of ENT physicians, audiologists, and engineers built the device around three key concepts: 

  • Sound Quality improves with proximity to the eardrum 
  • Many people with hearing loss are dissatisfied with their hearing aid options 
  • Many people with hearing loss want a hassle-free, invisible solution 

Moisture in the ear canal and ear wax build up are the two main factors impacting the longevity of the device.  The device worn by those with heavy ear wax build up or who perspire heavily, will likely experience about a two month life span.  When the battery runs out, your audiologist will replace it in a routine office visit. Phonak, the manufacturer of Lyric offers a complimentary 30 day trial with the device. Click here to find a Lyric provider near you.

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