Thursday, April 9, 2015

Is it typical for people to not realize what they can’t hear?

Yes, people rarely think about their hearing until there is a problem.  People often tell us, they didn’t realize all of the ways hearing enhanced their lives until they experienced a decrease in hearing.

We use hearing to communicate with one another.  We share ideas, thoughts and daily life activities through language.  This important skill, language, develops naturally just by over hearing others talk.  Newborns typically have their first word between 9-12 months of age without formal instruction.  Without hearing, speech and language need to be taught.

Hearing provides us information as to what is happening around us.  When we hear footsteps, we know someone is coming into the room.  We know where to look for the keys when we hear them fall off the counter.  It’s the sound of garage door opening that tells us a loved one is home.

Hearing helps keep us safe.  The smoke detector, a kitchen timer, the siren of a fire truck and more, provide necessary safety information.

There are many sounds in our world that give us pleasure. The laughter of a son and the giggle of grandchild create cherished moments. The ping of a golf club hitting a ball, the crack the spoon makes when it breaks through the top of the crème brulee, the drip of melting snow, and the rustle of newspaper all add to the quality of life.  

Hearing connects us to the world.  Without it, we would miss the sound of birds and the wind in the trees.  Have you ever counted the chirps of a cricket on a warm summer night?
Take good care of your hearing.  Use hearing protection around loud sounds.  Eat well.  A diet high in fruits and vegetables and exercise helps to maintain healthy ears.

Life sounds great!  Enjoy every moment!

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