Thursday, April 16, 2015

Why do I hear some people better than others?

There are three main factors that impact your ability to hear and understand speech.
The first factor is the listener. How well do you hear?  Do you use hearing instruments if recommended?  Do you receive regular hearing care?  Are you able to see the face of the person talking?  Does he or she have your attention?  How far are you from the person talking?
The second factor is the speaker (the person talking).  Does he or she have a familiar voice?  Does the speaker project, and speak slowly and clearly.  Have you noticed it’s more difficult to hear someone with an accent?  The speaker’s expressions, body language, mannerisms and your interest in the subject play a role.

The third factor is the room.  Does it have high ceilings and hardwood floors? If so, there is likely an echo which decreases your understanding of words.  Loud background noise also interferes with your ability to communicate. All of these and more effect your ability to hear and understand. If you feel you are not hearing as well as you could, make an appointment.  Have your hearing and hearing instruments checked. 

Life sounds great!  Enjoy every moment!
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