Thursday, July 16, 2015

How long do hearing aid batteries last?

Most hearing aids will have a 5-10 day battery life.  Today’s technology is great and it needs power.  We use many electronic devices daily.  Think about how long your cell phone or tablet run before needing to be recharged.  ?  Batteries for these devices typically only last hours.  Using these devices constantly for 10-12 hours as one would with hearing aids, they would need to recharged daily.
Hearing instruments are small and so are the batteries.  This leaves little room for an electrical charge. The estimated battery life depends on your hearing aids and the length of time you wear them.  Further, using a hearing aid streamer or other accessory places an even bigger demand for power on the battery.
Some hearing instruments use rechargeable batteries.  While this sounds like a good solution, there are some “bugs” in how rechargeable batteries work in hearing devices.  Often those who have tried rechargeable switch to disposable batteries. 
Your hearing instruments require a certain size battery, but not all batteries will work the same.  Hearing aid manufacturers typically recommend a specific brand of battery to use with their devices.  Find out what brand battery works best with your hearing instruments.  Using the recommended brand will give you the best possible battery life. 

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  1. I hadn't thought about the connection between cell phone and hearing aid batteries. That definitely makes the battery life of aids seem much more reasonable. Cell phone batteries are (in theory) getting better lifespans. Is something similar happening with hearing aids?

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