Thursday, July 30, 2015

What can I expect when purchasing hearing aids

When considering investing in hearing instruments, it’s important to establish reasonable expectations.  Obtaining hearing instruments is an on-going process.  It starts with the realization that you are missing sounds and conversations that are important to you.  Your motivation to hear well and stay connected to family, friends and co-workers is the most important motivation.  Here are a few things you can expect.

Expect others to notice your hearing difficulties before you do.  Trust family and friends when they suggest you have a hearing evaluation (audiologic assessment).  They are noticing something that you are yet unaware of or feel has other causes.  If you find yourself saying things such as people mumble or they don’t look at you when they are talking, know these are signs of hearing difficulty.

Expect your audiologist to listen to you and your concerns.  Your plan for improved hearing will be based on your hearing needs and lifestyle.   The hearing instruments recommended for you will be able to adjust according to your listening needs.  Expect that the hearing instruments will fit comfortably.  You will have an initial awareness of having something in and on your ears.  After a while, you should lose this awareness and not even notice there is something in your ear.

Expect that you will hear better with hearing instruments.  While hearing aids do not restore normal hearing, you will hear more easily. Conversations will flow more naturally with less work on your part.  Your awareness of your environment will increase. You will overhear children in another room laughing, birds singing outside and other sounds in and around the house. 

Expect it will take a period of time for you to adjust to your hearing instruments.  You will be more aware of all sounds around you, including background noise.  The increased background noise will hold your attention in the beginning.  Given time, you learn to ignore background noise just like everyone else.  Also, it takes time to get use to how your voice sounds to you.

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