Thursday, July 17, 2014

New hearing technology

Hearing instrument technology is constantly changing, getting better and better.  Here are few things the Better Hearing Institute has to say about today’s instruments.

They are virtually invisible. Modern in-the-ear instruments fit discreetly and comfortably inside your ear canal, providing both natural sound quality, and discreet and easy use.  The behind-the-ear instruments are also comfortable, discreet and well camouflaged. 
                                                                                                                             Lyric By Phonak
They automatically adjust to all kinds of sounds and listening
environments. They improve hearing in staff-meetings, restaurants,
conversations, music and so much more. 

There is something for just about everyone. Today’s hearing device options are amazingly varied. There are styles and colors for the fashion conscious, the trendsetter, the party goer, the intellectual, the active sports enthusiast, the adventurous senior, the romantic, the weekend warrior, and even the guy just tired of turning up the volume on the TV.

Water, sweat, and dust can be no problem while wearing them. Water resistant, digital hearing aids have arrived. This new feature is built into some newly designed hearing aids for those concerned about water, humidity, and dust. This feature suits people who work in demanding environments, as well as those with active lifestyles—like swimmers, skiers, and sports enthusiasts.

They love smartphones, computers, and other prized electronics. Wireless, digital hearing aids are now the norm. That means seamless connectivity—from smartphones, MP3 players, computers, FM systems, and televisions—directly into your hearing aids, at volumes just right for you.

It’s time for your dad to give hearing instruments another try.  Hearing devices can be set up to work easily and automatically. While there are remote controls, streamers, remote microphones for the “techie”, hearing instruments can be also set up to work easily and automatically. Call and make an appointment for an audiologic assessment.

Life sounds great!  Enjoy every moment!

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