Thursday, July 10, 2014

What type of noise is considered loud enough to require ear protection?

free fireworks image 11 Over 100 FREE Fireworks PicturesThis is a great question to consider as summer begins and we are spending more time enjoying the great outdoors.  Recreational activities such as video arcades, fireworks, discos, music concerts, shooting guns, sporting events, motorcycles and even movie theaters, can be excessively loud.  Actually, even using appliances around your home (vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, dish washer, leaf blowers, lawn mowers and power equipment), particularly if they are running at the same time, can be dangerous to your hearing.  

It is important to wear hearing protection when participating in these recreational or occupational activities.  If you work in an at-risk occupation, check with your employer to make sure your hearing is protected in accordance with OSHA regulations.  Limit the amount of time you are exposed to loud noise.

Custom hearing protection is available.  Ask your audiologist about more information regarding the appropriate ear plugs for your particular interests and activities.  We live in a very noisy world.  Through education and positive action, the incidence of noise induced hearing loss can be greatly reduced.

Life sounds great!  Enjoy every moment!

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