Thursday, July 31, 2014

Why does someone resist seeking hearing aids?

Sometimes people with hearing loss resist seeking help.  There are many reasons for their resistance.  Understanding where it comes from may help you to work with her.

She may not realize what she does not hear.  Hearing loss is often gradual.  It decreases slowly over time.  So slowly, people don’t always notice the changes.  Some sounds such as bird songs, fade away without notice and aren’t missed.  

Denial is another reason.  Hearing loss causes voices to sound soft and mumbled.  For example, children are often soft spoken, making it easy to assume they are not speaking up.

Not knowing or not understanding about hearing and hearing instruments or where to go and who to see can create fear.  To complicate it, many have heard stories of people being unsuccessful with hearing devices.  This can create concern about making a good decision.

Help your mother focus on how hearing impacts her family and social life.  Those with untreated hearing loss will isolate themselves and withdraw from family and social situations.  Share with her how you feel when she is not able to participate in family activities.  Stop in and pick up some information that may help her understand the many ways she stands to gain by addressing her hearing difficulty. 

When she is ready, schedule an audiologic (hearing and ear function) assessment.  Call l-440-205-8848 for an appointment.  We will guide her through the process and support her in meeting her hearing goals.  

Life sounds great!  Enjoy every moment!

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