Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Communication is a Two Way Street

Family and friends can help you to hear better but it starts with you.  Let people know you have hearing loss and what they can do to help.  Tell them how it affects communication. Does your hearing loss cause words to be mumbled? Then ask them to speak slowly and distinctly. Does hearing loss make voices sound soft, as if people don’t speak up?  Ask them to get your attention and speak directly at you so you can see their faces. Most people are willing to do what is needed if they know what you need. Just keep in mind they are apt to forget and will need to be reminded.
Pay attention to the speaker. Note facial expressions and body gestures. Decrease background noise, turn off the TV or the radio when having a conversation. Ask questions if you didn't hear correctly. It is better to ask then to misunderstand what was said or worse agree to something you aren't sure of.
Of course you want to take care of your hearing. Have a hearing evaluation and use hearing aids when recommended. This will maximize your hearing abilities meeting them half way.  Call for an appointment.  From there we find the best hearing aids for you. For information on hearing aids go to:  There is a model and style for you!
Life Sounds Great!  Enjoy Every Moment!
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