Monday, January 30, 2012

Stimulate the Brain with Sound!

Resistance to getting hearing aids is common.  Many people have excuses for neglecting their hearing.  Some worry about looking old and others feel the cost of the instruments isn’t worth it.  Few people realize the cost of not using hearing aids. Untreated hearing loss can also have serious social and emotional affects.  A study by the National Council on Aging reported that adults 50 and older with hearing loss experience more stress, sadness, and depression.  They worry and are more anxious than those who use hearing aids.  

There are many effects of hearing loss, some are less apparent than others.   When someone cannot hear what is said or miss hears information, it’s easy to see the impact on communication.  Isolation and withdrawal from social situations is also easily seen. 
Not so apparent are the affects the brain.  Not using hearing aids reduces stimulation of the hearing pathways in the brain.  This can cause a reduction in the brain’s ability to recall words and the ability to learn new tasks. Words become mumbled and with long periods of reduced stimulation, the mumbling can become permanent. People with hearing loss have to work harder to hear and remember what was heard. 
Don't wait to get started. Have you had hearing tested by an audiologist?  If not do so, a baseline hearing evaluation is great to have.

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