Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hearing Aid Benefits

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As mentioned the other day, untreated hearing loss can have permanent affects on hearing, self-esteem and a reduction in brain function.  Using hearing aids has a positive impact on communication, self esteem and brain function.
Hearing aids allow one to enter into social activities with greater confidence reducing isolation and withdrawal.  The study by the National Council on Aging demonstrated people who use hearing aids have a greater level of overall health and are more active.  Learn more about the emotional effects of hearing loss at:
The need to stimulate the brain by working crossword puzzles and other games is becoming well known.  What isn't so well known is that hearing aids also stimulate the brain and increase brain function.
Today, hearing aids work better than ever.  They have a more natural sound quality and special features to separate words from background noise.  They are easy to operate, often they are completely automatic. Hearing aids are small and so well camouflaged, no one will notice them.  Learn more about hearing aids at
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  1. Hearing aids function by gathering sound from the environment, sending the sound waves into the ear canal and through the auditory system. The sound waves are converted into electrical impulses to the brain where the impulses are interpreted into sound. Thanks.

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