Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Resistance to using hearing aids

Are you living with someone who has a hearing loss and refuses to do anything about it? 

Sadly, only 20% of those who have hearing loss, actually seek treatment, with the use of hearing aids.
Why is this?  Men usually see this as a sign of weakness and women as a sign of aging.

We all know someone (or maybe more than one) who has complaints about their hearing aids.  They don't care for them for one reason or another (they squeal, they don't help in background noise, they are too visible). The list could go on and on, and sometimes does!!
Fortunately, the new technology is truly helping to address all of these issues.  And the instruments are so discreet that they are virtually invisible!  And yes, they can be pricey, but if fit well, meeting your expectations, it is worth every penny.

The first step to deal with the resistance of using hearing aids is to have a complete Hearing Evaluation.  Then the audiologist can map out a plan of action, demonstrate hearing aids, answer any questions you or your family member has and hopefully calm your fears about entering into this journey!  Why wait? We can help.
Life Sounds Great!  Enjoy Every Moment!

Jane Kukula, AuD
Paula Webster MA
Advanced Audiology Concepts, Inc.
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  3. There are very few hearing losses that cannot be helped with modern technology. The most effective treatment is achieved through early intervention. Early diagnosis, early fitting of hearing aids, and an early start on special education programs can help maximize a child's hearing.

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