Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hearing Loss and Unseen Affects

It is easy to see how hearing loss affects communication and relationships. We know good communication is the cornerstone of a good relationship.  Being cut off from people and easy communication can take a toll on every aspect of life not just relationships. We know hearing loss can raise feelings of nervousness, anxiety, irritability and depression.  The added struggle of daily communication with family members, friends and store clerks can leave one frustrated and angry.

Another unseen affect is how others sometimes perceive people with hearing loss. When you miss hear and think the conversation is about something different, yes, it can lead to laughter, but it can also leave one feeling foolish.  Another unseen impact is on memory.  If you don’t hear something correctly, you are unable to remember it correctly.  This can lead others to believe you have memory problems when really you just didn't hear it. Often people need to put together what they heard, lip reading information, contextual cues and body language to follow a conversation. Putting all this information together takes longer.  Sometimes this appears as if one’s ability to understand and process information is slowing down. Again, leaving another undesirable perception.

Hearing loss can have an unnoticed affect on the work environment.  Did you know that studies show that those with untreated hearing loss earn an average of $24,000 less year?  When you think about how untreated hearing loss appears to others, it is easy to understand how one can be passed over for promotion or receive less in a raise. 

Treating hearing loss with hearing aids and sometimes listening therapy, can have a positive impact on all of these.  Greater self confidence and self esteem positively impacts home and work lives.  Benefits of hearing aids have a far reaching emotional impact.  Why wait? 

Life Sounds Great! Enjoy Every Moment!

Jane M. Kukula, AuD
Paula G. Webster, M.A.
Advanced Audiology Concepts, Inc.
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