Thursday, April 26, 2012

Baseline Hearing Evaluation

If you or someone you know is often asking “what?”, has noises in the ears, a family history of hearing loss, works in a noisy environment or uses increased volume for the TV, it may be well past time for a baseline evaluation.  It is best to have the baseline evaluation prior to having problems with your hearing.  

See an Audiologist.  Audiologists are professionals uniquely trained in the science of hearing and balance.  An Audiologist will have a masters or doctoral degree that includes months of clinical training including the fitting and dispensing of hearing aids.  Audiologists are recognized by insurance companies as appropriate professionals to provide hearing assessment and hearing aids.

There are several components to a baseline hearing evaluation.  First we look into the ears with an ear light to determine if there is a buildup of ear wax.  Next we check the flexibility of the eardrum (it is painless) and the ear reflexes.  Then we measure your hearing by finding the softest volume you hear various pitched tones and how well you can understand a list of words.  Lastly, we do a test that assesses the health of the hearing nerves.  The hearing evaluation is a benefit of Medicare and most insurance companies.

Why wait?  Have your baseline assessment now.  May is Better Hearing Month, it’s a great time to get started.

Life Sounds Great!  Enjoy Every Moment!

Jane Kukula, AuD
Paula Webster, MA
Advanced Audiology Concepts
8897 Mentor Ave
Mentor, Ohio 44060


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