Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Common Misconceptions about Hearing Loss

In the past, those with hearing loss in one ear, a high frequency hearing loss, or with "nerve" damage, may have been told that hearing aids would not be helpful.  This may have been the case many years ago, but with all of the modern advances in technology, nearly 95% of those with sensorineural hearing loss can be helped with hearing aids.

Also, many have been told that their hearing loss is "common" for their age.  Hearing loss of any degree is going to have an impact on daily living, no matter what our age!!!  It is the impact of the hearing loss that needs to be addressed. 

Often, an individual with hearing loss will begin to withdraw from family and social situations.  They (or their family) will demonstrate extreme frustration with most communication situations.  A change in  emotional or social behavior is often an important clue to hearing loss. 

The most common misconception relative to hearing aids is that they make us look old!  Appearing older is clearly affected by many other factors other than hearing aids.  Today, they are so small and discreet that you cannot tell who is wearing hearing instruments.  I have often felt that a hearing loss is much more obvious than the hearing aids!

Hearing aids have an impressive list of potential benefits.  Why be fooled by some of these misconceptions? Life Sounds Great! Enjoy Every Moment!

Jane M. Kukula, AuD
Paula G. Webster, M.A.
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